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This is my last photo from my Budapest trip for #euroku2017. It’s been over a month since I left and I’ve come to realise that holding out this long past the date of taking photos is cheating at my own game - where the game is to take more photos and post one each day of 2017.

I’ve taken lots of photos since returning from Budapest and I’m going to post them throughout November to bring my feed into the present.

In December I’m going to trial my 2018 challenge early of taking at least one photo per day and posting it. This is going to be hard for holidays but I might post multiple times or use Instagram multi-image ‘posts’ to get around the issue.

There have been multiple cases this year where I’ve wanted to post a photo nearer the date it was taken - the U2 concert this summer was most frustrating - and I think it’s time I made the feed closer to ‘real-time’. I’m making this change after upgrading to a #Pixel2 and buying some #shotonmoment lenses. I thought I’d take my digital compact everywhere with me but the reality was that I didn’t. Someone also asked if I’d moved to Budapest - I haven’t - but the comment got me thinking!

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