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I was hoping for something more interesting to end the year on but these Mulbuie cows will have to do.

This is it, the end of 2017 and the end of my #365photochallenge. I’m going to be making some changes to the rules tomorrow.

I set out to post a photo every day to encourage me to get back into photography. In this sense I think it’s been successful - thanks for putting up with it.

I went from iPhone 6, to Sony RX100IV to Pixel 2 + #shotonmoment. There’s no denying that the best quality photos came from the camera but I think the #Pixel2 is close enough for me. Also, with the moment superfish and wide lenses I can do more than I could with my camera anyway.

I’ve been to Asturias, South Uist, Ireland and Budapest this year. Next year I’d like that list to be longer.

I’ll likely be doing a roundup of my favorites on my blog early in the new year.

The challenge stops here. The fear of not having a photo to post each day lead me to store up photos while on holiday and post them over the following month. This gives me lots of choice but ultimately makes for a slightly boring feed. When I did set the new rule at the beginning of this month to post photos only on the day they were taken I found that the quality suffered. I also found that while home for Christmas I’d have liked sometimes to post more than one photo per day.

So that’s it.

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