Posts from December 28, 2021

We were on foot today to avoid the COVID. Nice chance for a little photo walk in central London - even if the light wasn’t all that interesting.

Russell Square ― 11:18AM

Happy they didn’t paint over the owl.

High Holborn ― 11:26AM

These blue choices are wild.

High Holborn ― 11:26AM

Something about this edit felt very Japan to me.

High Holborn ― 11:27AM

There are six sides and many colors.

Southbank Centre ― 11:50AM

Just about managed to capture some bubbles. Good fun for all the family.

Tate Modern ― 2:26PM

All that was left were the towers.

London Bridge ― 4:41PM

Really enjoy dusky city wanderings when it’s quiet.

Bank, London ― 4:48PM

The City of London Corporation. It will outlive us all.

Guildhall, London ― 4:52PM

Barbican in Christmas mode.

Barbican Estate ― 5:04PM

So cosy and yet so quiet.

Barbican Estate ― 5:05PM