Posts from February 12-17, 2022
February 12

Wellhouse Farm

Drynie Park ― 3:29PM

Low tide at Redcastle

Redcastle ― 4:44PM

February 14

Moody skies and broody gulls

Ullapool ― 12:31PM

Corrugated (again)

Ullapool ― 12:52PM

It’s kind of a cave

Ardmair ― 3:00PM

I couldn’t work out if it this seaweed had been washed there in a storm or placed there carefully by someone else

Ardmair ― 3:02PM

February 15

We were the centre of attention

Garguston ― 1:58PM

Light in the dark plantation

Drynie Park ― 4:13PM

February 16

Windy day at Black Hill

Upper Eathie ― 10:59AM

The rock is as impressive as it looks.

Eathie ― 11:38AM

Spent a long time waiting for a better one, waves and their ways are unpredictable.

Eathie ― 11:39AM

February 17

Moody skies over Chanonry Point

Rosemarkie Bay ― 3:22PM

Pebbles and their patterns

Rosemarkie Beach ― 3:42PM

Is it paint? It’s probably paint…

Rosemarkie Beach ― 4:18PM