Posts from May 14-20, 2022
May 14

Off white

Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe ― 9:50AM

harsh lines

Reina Sofia Palace of the Arts ― 10:00AM

This gap is fun, unsure why there aren’t more people in this shade.

Pont del Regne ― 10:10AM


la Xerea ― 12:56PM

wispy clouds

Plaça de la Reina ― 1:39PM


Valencia Cathedral ― 2:12PM

parasols in the square

Carrer d'Ercilla ― 7:17PM


Carrer de les Danses ― 9:43PM

Out of the gloom

Carrer de les Danses ― 9:44PM


Carrer de Padilla ― 9:59PM

Panpipes in color

Plaça del Doctor Torrens ― 10:42PM

Dungeon office

Antonio Ferrandis - Amado Granell Mesado ― 10:52PM

May 16

Waiting, looking up again

Bar & Kitchen ― 7:31PM

May 18

Straight out of the matrix

Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe ― 9:16PM