Posts from June 17-19, 2022
June 17

Claimed back

Nairn Beach ― 10:21AM

It’s low a tide

Nairn Beach ― 10:24AM

These would have made nice benches were it not for the blasting sand

Nairn Beach ― 10:34AM

Lovely sunset over Loch Cluanie taken on the way to Kyle

Loch Cluanie ― 7:22PM

June 18

I was early so I thought I’d ‘get to the chopper’.

Kintail Outdoor Centre ― 10:02AM

June 19

Moody walk from the house, down through Spital Wood & Garguston to Redcastle and back up over Gallowhill to Arpafeelie.

This is a great view out to the Black Isle - if rather spoiled by the loud road nearby.

Arpafeelie ― 11:11AM

Mum gave me a garden tour 🌸

Drynie Park ― 4:56PM