Posts from January 1, 2018

Walking up to the top of Gallowhill Wood is my new favorite walk and I managed to sell it as a good firework-viewpoint.

I took quite a few photos which I’ve yet to edit but since I started 2017 with a photo of me taking photos I thought I’d start 2018 the same way. The only difference is that I took this photo, if you look closely, you can see the strap of the remote shutter dangling from my right hand.

Happy New Year!

Redcastle ― 2:22AM

In the end, this is the only photo I’ve decided to post from hogmanay at Gallowhill. I took a long running one that didn’t turn out as well as I expected.

Most of the other ones didn’t really have any star interest and instead just looked like noisy daytime shots. I quite enjoyed playing with the Photoshop B&W raw tools to bring out the plough in this one.

This is my first proper post of the year so I should outline my new rules for 2018.

  • Post photos within 24hrs of taking them
  • Post photos in the order they were taken
  • Square photos only - no videos or multi-photo posts
  • No ‘overshare’, leave an hour at least between posts

Redcastle ― 3:16PM

I’m finding no end of uses for the fisheye lens - forests being the latest frontier.

Redcastle ― 5:46PM

The #shotonmoment telephoto is pretty useful in getting a little closer into landscapes like this but the fringing is a bit annoying. It can be sharpened out a little but it basically needs to be cropped off.

Redcastle ― 10:28PM