Posts from April 21-26, 2022
April 21

Walking the trail.

Lightroom is a lot of fun for black and white editing.

Contin, Highland, United Kingdom ― 2:21PM

Coming back to another one of my favourite trees, last photographed on New Years day last year.

Spital Wood ― 7:50PM


Spital Wood ― 8:08PM

Sometimes just need to leave the power lines in. It’s a nice sunset after all.

Drynie Park ― 8:15PM

April 23

A Fine Pheasant

Bay Wood, Black Isle ― 3:47PM

April 25


Upper Eathie ― 11:26AM

Windswept trees on Gallow Hill

Gallow Hill, Black Isle ― 1:23PM

What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?

Cromarty, Highland, United Kingdom ― 2:12PM

April 26

This is probably the last time, another one bites the dust. 2013, 2015

Auchederson ― 11:13AM

I too was scorched by the spring sun.

Auchederson ― 11:16AM

Leaving home behind, below.

Auchederson ― 11:26AM

Colors in the dreary wilderness

Auchederson ― 1:38PM